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I hate buying life insurance, the process is terrible and confusing.


Buying life insurance is hard. So we made it easy.

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Lenny Cheah

Leonard J. ("Lenny") Cheah is a practicing life insurance broker, born and raised in San Diego, CA. After getting his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Finance at San Diego State University, Lenny went on to work for the Team ISN insurance-brokerage network. Lenny now also serves as Co-Founder and CEO of INSUQO.

Chris Gilardi
CTO/Lead Programmer

Christopher T. Gilardi is a software engineer, born and raised in Redwood City, CA. After moving to San Diego to pursue his bachelor's degree in Computer Science at SDSU, Chris met Lenny, and the rest is history. Since that time, Chris has served as a Co-Founder, CTO and Lead Programmer for INSUQO.

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